CPPPH was formed in 2009 by organizations with a long-standing involvement with physician health, namely the California Society of Addiction Medicine, the California Psychiatric Association, the California Medical Association, and the California Hospital Association.  Its activities are based in the understanding that supporting physician health contributes to public safety by providing services for physicians who face medical, substance use, psychological, behavioral and/or emotional issues that, if left unaddressed, could adversely impact their ability to deliver safe patient care.

Goals and Objectives

  • To collaborate with physicians, physician groups and entities responsible for quality patient care in defining an optimum physician health program for California
  • To provide consultation, education and assistance to those responsible for patient safety and physician heath
  • To develop and disseminate guidelines and consensus documents
  • To create a full-scale statewide program that coordinates all the services needed to address the spectrum of physician health issues

Overview of 2014 Activity

Summary of all activities and publications


CPPPH was formed by the Workgroup on Physician Health —  a coalition of medical and specialty societies, the hospital association, liability carriers and large medical groups.  The Workgroup had been convened as soon as the Medical Board of California announced its plan to close its Diversion Program for Physicians on June 30, 2008.   From its inception, the founders of CPPPH recognized that it would take time to establish a full-scale program that promotes physician wellness and coordinates the different services needed to address the full spectrum of physician health issues.  They developed a business plan to reach that goal with an incremental, phased-in approach, adding services and activities as they became feasible, and seeking legislation to establish a statewide program.


CPPPH Board of Directors

CPPPH is governed by an 8-member board. » Read More.

CSAM Clinical Advisory Task Force

In response to a request from CPPPH, the California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) established this group to provide advice on clinical questions and to prepare guidelines.  Members of the Task Force are persons working in the field today and knowledgeable about current resources and procedures in California.  »Read More.

Advisory Group of Attorneys

Attorneys who specialize in matters for hospitals and hospital medical staffs provide advice to CPPPH and attend CPPPH educational activities so that legal issues are addressed.  »Read More.

Advisory Group of Carriers

Representatives of California’s major liability insurance companies provide the viewpoint of medical malpractice insurance experts to the deliberations of the CPPPH Board and identify issues that should be addressed by CPPPH in the areas where quality of care and risk management intersect with physician health. »Read More.

Advisory Group of Medical Staff Services Administrators

Medical Staff Services Administrators from several different hospitals and hospital systems contribute their viewpoint and experience to the work of CPPPH. »Read More.

Advisory Group of Providers

This Advisory Group is comprised of those who provide physician health services in California.  They volunteer their time to contribute their viewpoint and experience to the work of CPPPH. »Read More.

Technical Advisory Panel on Drug Testing

»Read More.

Workgroup on Disruptive Physician Behavior

»Read More.

The CPPPH Staff

The staff team includes Sandra Bressler, CPPPH’s Organizational Consultant, Janis Thibault serving as a program consultant, Gail Jara, Executive Director and Tina Hsu in Administration.  »Read More.

Regional Networks

In four areas of the state, regional workshops are held every four months  for members of committees in any organization (hospital medical staff, medical group, county medical society, specialty society.) At each workshop, there is one presenter and ample time for questions, discussion and information sharing.  For dates and materials from the workshops, »Read More.

  • Board of Directors

    James T. Hay, MD, Chair
    California Medical Association

    Marvin Firestone, MD, JD
    California Psychiatric Association

    Bob Cabaj, MD
    California Psychiatric Association

    Karen Miotto, MD
    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

    David Pating, MD
    California Society of Addiction Medicine

    David Perrott, MD, DDS
    California Hospital Association

    Lee T. Snook, Jr., MD
    California Medical Association

  • Staff

    Barbara Thompson
    Executive Director

    Gail Jara
    Director of Educational Programs

    Sandra E. Bressler
    Organizational Consultant

    Janis Thibault, MFT
    Program Consultant

    Ashley Burke


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