CPPPH Subscriptions

After our 2023 programs, we sent a survey, asking what your priorities were for the topics CPPPH should cover in our educational sessions. What we learned became the basis for a new approach to both content and registration options.

In 2024, some of CPPPH’s programs will be designed for people early in their involvement with physician health matters and wellbeing committees, and other programs will be designed for those who have been involved for longer periods of time and whose experience has been more comprehensive. We believe there is a need for both approaches.

For example, there will be the 5-session program called “Best Practices for Wellbeing Committees, which, taken together, forms an introduction and orientation to the work. And there will be separate videoconferences on more complex topics such as “When Behavioral Issues Are Referred to the Wellbeing Committee.

Subscribing Organizations

California Public Protection & Physician Health is welcoming organizations that share its mission to join a cadre of subscribers who support patient safety and physician health. Subscribers will enjoy special benefits that make it easier to access the resources available from CPPPH.

In return for a $2,000 annual fee, people in subscribing organizations will have several advantages. There will be easy and free access to CPPPH guidelines from the CPPPH website. With the publication of two new guideline documents on drug testing and monitoring, CPPPH has instituted a fee for downloading copies, but those in subscribing organizations will get free copies.

Other advantages include free registration for some videoconferences and reduced rates for other programs including some new offerings.

Individuals Can Subscribe

Individuals can become subscribers for the same fee. Some individuals and some organizations subscribe as a way of supporting CPPPH and the services it provides even if they do not use all the benefits.


  • Easy free access to CPPPH guidelines, downloaded from the CPPPH website
  • Free registration to accredited 90-minute videoconferences during the year for up to five persons from the subscribing organization
  • Reduced rates for other CPPPH programs for up to five persons from the subscribing organization
  • NEW in 2024: Free “hot topic” video chats – 45 minutes with an expert – with opportunity for Q&A, open only to those from subscribing organizations
  • NEW in 2024: A monitored email communication system for subscribers only, providing a venue for collaboration and sharing among others doing the same work

What Organizations Are Subscribers?

  • Individual hospitals. When several hospitals are owned/operated by one corporation, the subscription is for each hospital
  • Medical groups / Foundations. When several medical groups are owned/operated by one entity, the subscription is for each individual location.
  • Hospital organizations
  • Law firms
  • Medical societies
  • Specialty societies
  • Professional liability insurance carriers

Three Steps to Become a CPPPH Subscriber

Step 1CLICK HERE and complete and submit the form, paying the $2,000 annual fee

Step 2 – Get the email with your Subscriber’s Passcode

Step 3 –Use the Subscriber’s Passcode to get the benefits


Send questions by email to gjara@cppph.org