Wellbeing Committees Function Better With Financial Support

ThinkstockPhotos-177767774A little bit of dedicated funding goes a long way when it comes to supporting a WBC. Three doctors and one lawyer who are experienced in physician health activities are presenting a morning workshop on Why Wellbeing Committees Need Financial Support To Be Fully Effective. The presenters, convening in the USC Medical Center in Los Angeles on June 4, 2016 are:
• Bruce Jackson, MD- Providence Little Company of Mary
• Laurie Reynard, MD-Providence St. Johns Medical Center
• Karen Miotto, MD- UCLA School of Medicine
• Tom Curtis, Nossaman, LLP Orange County Office

The benefits of having a well-organized WBC will be discussed as well as how funding strengthens the capacity for serving the needs of physicians who are dealing with their own health issues.
In the afternoon, Paul Earley, MD, the medical director of Georgia’s physician health program, will present on Treating Safety Sensitive Workers Who Are Physicians. His talk will be based on The ASAM Criteria.
CPPPH has designed these programs to support the members of WBCs, Medical Staff Services Professionals, Medical Executive Committees and other key hospital administrators.

Learn more about this workshop here.