When Physicians Are Considered To Be Safety Sensitive Workers: Elements and Requirements For Treating Them Effectively

hands-stethoscope2Pilot holding his hatThe federal government has mandated a classification of Safety Sensitive Workers (SSW’s) that includes flight crews, air traffic controllers, ship captains and power plant operators among others. Because these professionals directly impact public safety, SSW’s are subject to random drug testing via urine sample.  How this applies to treatment when the SSW is a physician is the topic of a CPPPH workshop the afternoon of June 4 at USC.

Paul Earley, MD and Medical Director of the Physician Health Program in Georgia will present on Treating Safety Sensitive Workers Who Are Physicians. He will focus on the elements and requirements for evaluating, treating, re-entering and monitoring this population. Dr.Earley will be joined by Tom Curtis of Nossaman, LLP, who will cover specific legal aspects of dealing with Safety Sensitive Workers.

That morning, three physicians are also conducting a workshop on the importance of funding Wellbeing Committees and how the effectiveness of a WBC is impacted by the absence of financial support. Bruce Jackson, MD; Laurie Reynard, MD; and Karen Miotto, MD are leading the workshop Why Wellbeing Committees Need Financial Support To Be Fully Effective. Both workshops will be held at the USC Medical Center.  Tom Curtis will discuss the significance of who pays for what elements from a legal perspective.

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