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Wellness activities address quality of life and professional satisfaction for all physicians.

Wellbeing activities focus on an individual physician and provide resources for identifying, evaluating, referring, treating, and monitoring for physicians when addiction, mental health, behavioral issues, and the effects of aging are a concern.

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The Physicans’ and Dentists’ Confidential Assistance Line is a 24-hour phone service providing completely confidential doctor-to-doctor assistance for physicians experiencing substance use or mental health issues. Call:

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A New Plan for Getting a Physician Health Program for California

The Medical Board of California has voted to take a new and different approach to getting a Physician Health Program for California. At its meeting on May 24, the Board’s action was to withdraw the proposed regulations that were based on the Uniform Standards and prepare a proposal for new legislation that would allow a program in line with national best practices. That action addresses the core obstacle that has prevented the Board from completing the steps needed to get a PHP for California.

As we reported in past issues of this newsletter, Board members had said they were “ham strung” – bound by the 2008 legislation that placed Uniform Standards into California’s Business and Professions Code (SB1441 Ridley-Thomas 2008) defining how all such programs by the licensing agencies for all health care professionals in California can function.

The May 24 action moved the Board a giant step toward getting a program for California that is like the programs in most other states – namely, one that follows the guidelines of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP).

After presentations from Christopher Bundy, MD, Executive Medical Director of the Washington Physicians Health Program and Paul Earley, MD, Medical Director of the Georgia Professionals Health Program, the discussion among Board members made it clear that they wanted a state-of-the-art program that attracted self-referrals and fostered early intervention. They decided that there was only one way to achieve such a program: change the authorizing legislation. Thus, they voted to withdraw the proposed regulations and start anew.

A Momentous Decision
After listening to the discussion among the Board members after his presentation, Chris Bundy emailed this message: “Today the Medical Board of California made a momentous decision and voted unanimously (and dare I say enthusiastically) to withdraw the rulemaking that would have led to a terrible solution for California physicians and affirmed its commitment to work with CA stakeholders to develop a model PHP that aligns to the Federation of Physician Health Programs best practices. The road ahead will no doubt be long and arduous, but at least we have newfound hope.”

The materials created by members of the MBC staff with Staff Counsel, Kerrie Webb, and distributed for the May 24 meeting include a chart showing the “best practices” as set forth by the Federation of State Medical Boards and the AMA compared to California’s proposed regulations for the Medical Board’s Physician Health and Wellness Program. See a copy of that comparison HERE.

The webcast recording of the May 24 meeting has been posted to the Medical Board’s YouTube channel where you can scroll through to see the full presentations by Doctors Bundy and Earley and the Q&A with the members of the Medical Board as well as the Board’s discussion and the action they took. 

For a short bio and copies of their slides, use these links: for Dr. Bundy HERE. For Dr. Earley HERE

The pages of the CPPPH website devoted to getting a physician health program for California give more history and detail. 

Riverside County Medical Association Conference on Physicians’ Wellbeing – July 19

For its 36th annual conference, RCMA is including two talks on late career physicians with presentations about evaluations or assessments by William Perry, PhD and about legal guidelines by Rick Barton, Esq. Other speakers are John Rosenberg, MD; Michel Sucher, MD; and Hani Chaabo, MD. See the full program HERE.



Issue #48, June 2024

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